More often than not, we prefer to use text messages to contact with families, friends and colleagues rather than indulging time in long conversation. But from time to time, text messages on iPhone get lost in various scenarios. For example, you may want to clear the messages box to free up some space on your iPhone but delete the important or funny messages by mistake. Whether for legal proceedings or for personal reasons the request of retrieving deleted text messages is very common. Read on and find out 2 possible ways to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone 7/7Plus/6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5S/5.

Text Messages

Initial Try: Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone from Your Service Provider

Most service providers will keep a record of your sent and received text messages. Although some providers may not satisfy your quest, some can. It doesn’t cost to have a try after all.
You can log in to your phone account online first and check your text history. Some providers will list your text message history online. If you cannot find the text messages online, call your provider and ask if it is possible to restore deleted text messages on iPhone.

Not Work? Try to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages with a Data Recovery Software

Do not despair if the above method doesn’t work. You can make use of a data recovery software as a last resort to retrieve deleted iPhone text messages. The deleted text messages still remain on your iPhone unless they are overwritten, you are able to get them back with such a utility.

With a good reputation, iReparo iPhone Data Recovery is a professional and user-friendly tool that empowers you to recover deleted text messages from iPhone or extract text messages from an iTunes backup in a fast and risk-free manner within just a few clicks. The powerful software also works well to recover deleted iMessages. Follow the guide to undelete iPhone text messages.

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Retrieve Deleted Text Messages with a Data Recovery Software

Why do you Need iReparo iPhone Data Recovery ?

  1. Recover lost data without data loss
    A powerful tool like iReparo for iOS can help you recover lost data from iPhone with 100% security. You can get back your deleted text messages without the concern of data loss or data leakage.
  2. Restore deleted data without backup
    What to do if you haven’t backed up your device before? iReparo iPhone Data Recovery is able to scan and analyze lost text message on your iPhone directly even though you don’t have an available backup.
  3. Get back lost data in an efficient way
    Unlike restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup, the program will not ask you to wipe existing data on your iPhone or restore the whole backup on your device. It allows you to preview and selectively recover deleted text messages as you want.